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France is one of Europe’s major countries. It is surrounded by six nations: Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg to the northeast, Switzerland and Italy to the southeast and Spain to the southwest. The United Kingdom encircles France via the English Channel.

According to a survey conducted by Campus France in 2017, France was voted as the second most attractive country to study in, by international students. Due to its highest educational standards, best colleges and programs international students get allured to study in France.  If the students are seeking for best quality education, then France is the best option for them. There’s a huge amount of investment made by the country into its education system for making it exceptional and world class. Small class sessions and higher teaching intervention are two of the positive features of institutes in France.

Smaller class sizes and greater intervention by the tutors make the study environment more engaging and authentic. The students have the advantage to ask questions and seek help whenever they want. These attributes are the reason for students to make the most of their educational experience.  The education system has a solid foundation that helps in providing the education that the international students deserve.

Students studying in a French institute are exposed to the perplexing French culture in their routine lives, and while studying, they can experience an amazing interactive environment that brings all the students together across the nations.  Study in France is a mixture of fun and adventure.

Along with these, France is also known for its cuisine and wines.  French food and meals are exorbitant and exceptional in their own way. The local people there love to cook. There is diversification in their menu varying according to the region the person is located.

The culture of France is very amiable as the French people are courteous and formal. People are cautious about their dressing styles and physical appearances.  The students prefer France as a study destination not just due to its outstanding education but also due to its amazing features including natural beauty, balanced climate, outdoor recreational activities such as golf courses, art museums and galleries and much more.

Officially known as the People’s Republic of China, China is one of the top emerging study destinations for international destinations. China accounts for the fourth largest country in the world. With having more than 2000 universities, China has also bagged a position in the QS World University Rankings.

The improved quality of education and China becoming one of the most preferred countries to study is due to the huge investment made by the Chinese government in the education sector. In the year 2017, around four lakhs of international students got admitted to Chinese universities, and the number is still increasing. The reason for the hike in the number of international students choosing China as a study destination is because of the scholarship schemes introduced by the government. Another reason for such an increase is the introduction of English-taught programs that helped in bridging the gap between the two languages. Study in China is a combination of fun and adventure.

The best part about studying in China is its totally different culture that will help the student gain new experiences and understand the environment.  The additional outstanding fact about studying in China is its affordable education system. The education and the living cost in China is cheaper as compared to the other well-known study destinations.  The country also has taken some steps in order to increase the quality of its education that involves the signing of agreements with some prominent countries like USA, Britain, France, Japan and 65 other countries and regions for mutual recognition of academic qualifications.

Due to its growing and wide economy, the job opportunities are also at the rise.  It provides a number of job opportunities to international students leading to widening their work prospects by working in major companies.

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